The StripSlider™Scoring System was created and developed by  PGA golf professional Jock Hopkins. It was a product of necessity. Unable to find a commercially available golf tournament scoring system capable of fulfilling his requirements, Jock began to slowly develop his own. His goal was a system which possessed four basic features.
  • Flexible Scoring : The ability to quickly rearrange the posted scores so that they would be displayed in perfect order.
  • Mobility :The system has to be easily moved from one location to another.
  • Presentation : It has to be capable of presenting all of the different types of tournament formats.
  • Appearance : The system has to have a pleasing, easy to understand, professional appearance.

In the beginning grids were tediously hand drawn onto large sheets of poster board and then cut one by one into scoring strips.  The strips were thumbtacked to a scoreboard and rearranged as incoming scores arrived. The players loved to watch the standings change and to always know exactly where they stood, but the mechanics of thumbtacking and un-thumbtacking were cumbersome. It wasn’t long before the idea of creating channels in which to slide the scoring strips presented itself. This made rearranging of scores a quick and simple task and this was the rudimentary birth of the StripSlider™ Scoring System.

 When Jock retired after 25 years as an active head professional, he decided to develop and market the StripSlider system. Major embellishments were added  in the form of materials, dimensions and craftsmanship. The scoreboards became larger, prettier and then recessed into beautiful, handcrafted, mahogany frames. Two different types of stands were designed to display the scoreboard, and to give the scoring presentations mobility. Many new forms of scoring strips were added to accommodate the needs   of scoring the wide variety of tournament formats.

Even today the many ideas and suggestions of fellow golf professionals are considered and acted upon in an effort to continue providing the most effective and desirable golf tournament scoring system possible. This input from both the present and the past has been invaluable and most appreciated.

 The StripSlider™ presence has now grown to over 33 states and the future is positive and growing.  The goal remains as always to help PGA Professionals make their tournament presentation as functional and attractive as possible.