"This system has made scoring my tournaments so easy, I keep thinking I've forgotten  something. "

 Jim Bombard, Blackstone National Golf Course, Sutton, MA

 "The StripSlider™ Scoreboards give us the portability we never had before, and they are in  constant use. Also the ease of correcting errors is just irreplaceable."

 Lee Duncan, Oakwoods Country Club, Wilkesboro, NC

 For some time I'd been looking for a scoring system that could fulfill all my needs. When I  found the StripSlider™ Scoring System, I knew right away it was exactly what I'd been  seeking. Now, I can't imagine being without it.

 Kirk Scheerhorn, Wuskowan Players Club, West Olive, MI

 "Reorganizing the scores - that's what sold me. I can put the results of a 36 team, 144 player   member - guest field perfectly in order in four minutes. Never a mistake and it looks really  impressive."

  John Frizzell, Wanumetonomy Golf and Country Club,Middletown, RI